looking back at the night sky
painting installation (acrylic, mirror, canvas, salt clay, sound)

When we look at the stars we are looking into the past; its light travels for years, decades or millenia before it enters our sight. This light and our eyes are two mirrors facing each other; an infinite reflection.

I have no memories for this nostalgia. Still, I am a part of their stories and they are of mine.

These works are a way to understand being a partial Korean, a second generation immigrant, a daughter and a sister.

Time, star clusters, elements of korean shamanism, and salt are inspirations for the making of these.

photo credits: tm gallery

a mother’s view from the corner

acrylic on mirror

the cicadas are everywhere an nowhere to be seen

mixed media on canvas

where the hand rivers meet before the sea

acrylic on mirror, salt clay frame

the bell rings and we are someone’s daughters again

acrylic on mirror

Self portrait

acrylic on mirror

Arrival Gate

acrylic on mirror

sielunmaisema on jossain muualla / longing at dawn

acrylic on canvas