Kihwa-Endale (b.1992) is a painter and poet with Korean and Ethiopian roots. Using mirrors as a canvas, the reflective surface is a tool for her to play with timelines, gaze and the bridge between realities.

She has newly discovered using clay as a medium to paint with; through this connecting to land through her art.

Through her works she explores the fragmentation of identity, memory, and landscapes.

As an extension of her art practise she parented a project 'Kairos' which includes a community-centered working group.

The meaning of the word kairos (n.) describes the delicate perfection of time and place that allow specific movements and words to happen. Similarly this is the meaning of a host.

With this project, Kairos produces cultural events and platforms that are rooted in art, care, and activism. These include workshops, holistic exhibitions and gatherings.

At its heart, Kairos is a soft space for different narratives to meet and explore artistic expression.